Live & Kicking

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Digby Fairweather
Live & Kicking
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Recording - and filming - live can be a devastatingly difficult business as there's no chance of editing out mistakes; sound quality can be a problem and the economies of jazz make anything much in the way of post-production difficult. So what you hear - and see - is pretty much going to be the unvarnished musical truth of the evening at hand. So for a long time I resisted the idea but then; enter the remarkable Rodney Hearth who runs both a jazz TV channel and a fully-professional four-camera TV unit. Even then it took a couple of attempts to produce a reasonable representation of what I looked (and sounded) like in 2015. But for what it's worth, this is the result of two live sessions recorded at Chipping Sodbury and Bristol; both of them with the quite marvellous trio of bassist Cass Caswell, completed by John Martin (piano/keyboards) and Eddie John (drums). I like this film and it makes a good companion to 'Scenes from a Jazz Life' produced by Zoltan Films a few years earlier.