Rocking In Rhythm

Image of Digby and PaulThis exciting show has been touring Britain since 2007.

Of the show Digby says: "I've admired Paul ever since I watched and listened to him topping the charts back in the 1960s and as well as being a personal idol he's a superb musical partner who loves singing jazz and plays wonderful jazz harmonica".

Image of Half Dozen with PaulPAUL JONES SAYS: "when I first teamed up with Digby in 2007 I thought 'this gives me the chance to sing all those great jazz standards I love'. While he was thinking 'this gives me the chance to play all that rock music I used to love back in the 1960s and after!'. So ever since then it's been a delightful - and a rewarding - musical compromise".

'ROCKING IN RHYTHM' brings you a non-stop show which will appeal to every audience. It combines Paul Jones' legendary hits - 'Doo Wah Diddy' 'Pretty Flamingo' 'I've been a bad bad boy' and more with the riveting jazz of Britain's newest all-star band 'Digby Fairweather's Half Dozen', teaming with Paul to bring you the immortal songs of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan and classics from the Great American Songbook.