St. Valentine’s day at the Cricketers…

Due to the ever-growing need for political correctness – as well as musical – we don’t want to say that our guest at The Cricketers this month is anything other than one of Britain’s greatest saxophonists! And the fact that she deserves more Valentines from male admirers young and old than any other player in the country is strictly an ‘off the record’ bonus!! Yes: our (returning guest is none other than the wonderful KAREN SHARP, who can’t be with us too often! With Karen will be our fine house-band: Chris Kibble (piano) Roger Curphey (double bass) and Alan Clarke (drums). So come with your favourite heart-throb  to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day – and don’t forget to sample Carlo’s extra-special menu before the show! Music from 8.30 and for bookings please call Cassie or Cristina on 01702 345053 or e-mail:

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