Hello again!

Well – can you believe how this year has FLOWN by? Hardly have the cards been filed, the decorations packed and the tree dismantled – and already Christmas is hovering on the horizon! Gwen and I went into a big garden centre the other day (up on the A127) and thought we’d wandered into Santa’s Grotto! (Love that word by the way!!)

Anyhow good friends all, it’s been a busy old year for the Half Dozen – so hopefully by now we’ve met in person. A Baker’s Dozen of theatre concerts nine major jazz festivals (including Bude, Brecon, Birmingham, Pershore, Marlborough and four more), a shoal of jazz clubs including Ronnie’s (anyone know the collective noun for jazz clubs? – suggestions please!)  and two new albums – all to celebrate our twentieth anniversary ‘on the road’ . And of course it’s not over yet. Two more mini-tours and lots of ‘single dates’ before Christmas – and they’re all on the website! At least they will be when I finish writing this on 7th October 2015!

So now of course we’re looking forward to 2016 and – never averse to a reason to party – we’re planning our ‘TWENTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY TOUR’! All the members of the orchestra – JULIAN MARC, CHRIS GOWER, CRAIG MILVERTON, DOMINIC ASHWORTH, AL SWAINGER AND NICK MILLWARD – are in full training and already have a slew of gigs (anyone know the collective noun for ‘gigs’? – more suggestions please!) in the book. So do check the website and make sure you come and say ‘hello’! Our band is hotter than a BGD (explanations on application ONLY!) and has a whole lot of great music to play you in 2016! So see you SOON!

Love from Digby and the HALF DOZEN!

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