A bit of sad news…….

Hello my friends!

I was playing at London’s ‘Spice of Life’ yesterday (23 January 2015) and my wonderful CORNOPEAN couldn’t be found when I left! This beautiful antique instrument (like a small cornet or VERY small trumpet)  is absolutely unique and was left to me by my late friend the great John R.T. ‘Ristic’ Davies – a true legend of the British jazz scene. The Cornopean is marked ‘MB Smith London’ on its bell; it’s extremely valuable  – and it has been with me for a LONG time. I play it on all my gigs and to lose it is quite a personal tragedy for me. So – if anyone knows where it is there is a BIG reward offered to the person who returns it. And of course no questions will be asked! You can contact me via the ‘contact’ form on the site or e-mail me at : digby@digjazz.co.uk

Thank you

2 thoughts on “A bit of sad news…….”

  1. Hope it turns up Digby!
    I’ve done theatres for over forty years next week I start UK tour. Christmas I did panto as always and used make up as I was the Dame, but whilst thinking about UK tour about three weeks ago noticed an old ‘slap box’ missing! It’s travelled with me since I started don’t use slap anymore except in panto but didn’t want to loose it. Today found it wrapped in a towel. So let’s hope your Cornopean turns up some how so you can remember your friend as you play your wonderful music.

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