HI my good friends!

As you may already have seen or heard  the NATIONAL JAZZ ARCHIVE is in the midst of raising funds to help it along to its next stage of growth! The NJA is doing well but has to raise £30,000 before the end of the year to achieve ‘matching funding’ with our good friends at the Heritage Lottery Fund. Consequently we’ve organized no less than SEVEN all-star fundraising concerts and we would love to see you at ALL of them. And by the way: EVERY ONE of our star visitors is playing for free to help the NJA! Isn’t that marvellous?

The concerts take place on ‘jazz weekends’ – Friday night and Saturday afternoons – and if you book for both concerts on the weekend, there are bargain ‘concessionary rates’ too! All the events – apart from our BLUES NIGHT with PAUL JONES  on 18th July and listed below –  take place at our favourite haunt, LOUGHTON METHODIST CHURCH in LOUGHTON HIGH STREET and you can book tickets by looking at our website www.nationaljazzarchive.org.uk – or by calling our old friend DAVID NATHAN on 020 8502 8988 or Outreach Officer SAM FIELDHOUSE on 020 8502 4701

So here’s our concert schedule:

Friday May 30th/7.30pm: the Wonderful ALAN GRESTIE/BRIAN WHITE RAGTIMERS. One of Britain’s greatest classic jazz bands.

Saturday May 31st/1.30 pm:the great KENNY BALL JAZZMEN led by KEITH BALL. The Legend Lives on!


Friday 18th July/CHINGFORD ASSEMBLY HALLS/7.30pm: PAUL JONES AND HIS BLUES FRIENDS. Star of the Manfreds and his own Blues Band comes to CHINGFORD for an extra-special concert!


Friday 5th September: a concert by the great LIANE CARROLL and her musicians. Britain’s greatest jazz singer comes to LOUGHTON!

Saturday 6th September/1.30 pm: JOHN ALTMAN’S ALL-STAR JAZZ PARTY! A host of surprises!


Friday 24th October/7.30pm: an all-star reunion concert of the pollwinning GREAT BRITISH JAZZ BAND. Its first reunion in ten years with special guest DAVE SHEPHERD!

Saturday 25th October:1.30pm:’JAZZ GOES TO THE MOVIES’ starring VAL WISEMAN and DIGBY FAIRWEATHER’S HALF DOZEN. British Jazz Award-winners all!

So do come along and ‘support your very own National Archive’! We all look forward to seeing you!!


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