At last, he speaks…..!!

Ooops! Hi everyone! I can’t believe that it’s now almost a year since I blogged! Sorry – but it has been a REALLY busy time! To begin with I got MARRIED – for the first time in 67 years! – to a wonderful lady called GWEN! We’ve been married now since July – but just about a week after the bells rang, I took myself into hospital for a ‘Total Hip Replacement’ – so now I’m considerably more hip than I was a couple of years ago!! Playing-wise it’s been a good year with lots of jobs from favourite promoters and friends like Jim Simpson, Tim Lord, Jim Bayne, Cole Mathieson at the Concorde Club (hi Cole!) and that fine pianist Huw Ockendon. In June I played for the first time at Jerry Turner’s Naturist Jazz Festival ! – but you’ll have t0 ask HIM the next question!- and other wonderful festivals in 2013 included Birmingham where I’m Patron (thank you Jim!), the ‘Little Biggar Festival’ in Scotland; the City of London Festival (with my ‘Premier Quartet) and a first visit to Pershore with my Half Dozen which was simply marvellous.  Incidentally this year the Half Dozen won the British Jazz Award for ‘Top Small Group’ for the EIGHTH time which was  (we think!) quite something – but we’re still looking for gigs with or without our good friend and touring-buddy the great Paul Jones! In October – with a great friend Tony Morrison – we opened the  ambitious ‘Essex Jazz ‘ On-Tour Exhibition which, with musical accompaniment , travels all around  Essex Libraries until the end of 2015. This year the National Jazz Archive celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a two-night  jazz festival in November starring the whole of the wonderful ‘Dankworth Dynasty’ – Alec, Jacqui and Dame Cleo – and, on night two, Richard Pite’s superb ‘100 Years of Jazz in 99 Minutes’ show; both unforgettable evenngs. And earlier on in the year I was proud to receive  the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from London’s ‘Worshipful Company of Musicians’ – a huge honour! But I’m not retiring yet! You can’t get rid of me that easily!!!

Talk soon! Love! Digby

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  1. Hello Digby,just caught up with you after several years,hopefully you will remember us ,Peter&Patience we we regulars at the Guernsey Jazz,The Richmond Hotel,St Peter’s Port.Many congratulations from us both on your marriage,be happy.We loved being there and had great fun.We keep well,Peter
    had his 80th birthday last year and still going strong,
    By the way we’ve been watching you on youtube in 2015 ,i must say you are
    still as handsome as ever,take care and god bless,love to you and your lovely wifey xxxx

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