Well, sorry if the greeting is a bit late but as Louis Armstrong used to say ‘it’s from the heart!’. Christmas is over; we’ve escaped the threatened Armageddon of 12/12/12 – and so whoop-de-doo for 2013. All the chaps of the Half Dozen wish you their best as do I – and we’re heading for a busy year after our seventh award as ‘Top Small Group’ in the wonderful British Jazz Awards. Yes – seventh! We’ve pipped all our splendid partners-in-jazz to the post in 2005/6/8/9/10/11/12 which should mean we’re working eight nights a week! Well- not quite! But take a look at my dates for 2013 and you’ll see that we’re regularly out and about with our great friend Paul Jones – and there’s talk of more dates with Val Wiseman – who won a British jazz award of her own – later in the year. That’s great – and Val’s my favourite chanteuse!! As for your old cornet-tootin’ buddy; well, he’s all over the place with guest spots, one-nighters and anything with musical connections. So STAY IN TOUCH, have a wonderful New Year and see you SOON!!

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