An update at last………!!

Well, waddya know! After several months of telephone calls, e-mails, telegrams, urgent smoke-signals and several prostrate carrier pigeons – all sent from frustrated web-surfers – my datesheet has finally been updated! Whoopee! – and also my apologies to those of you who may have called in and left without any useful information at all. As you’ll see if you care to take a look, I’m doing just about everything in 2011 from great Jazz Festivals (Birmingham, Iford, Ventnor and many more) to touring the UK with my beloved Half Dozen (and regularly our very special guest Paul Jones!) as well as around Germany and Switzerland with the great American trombonist Bill Allred later in the year! Then there’s those one-nighters as a soloist and – well generally keeping busy amid the Recession. Sometimes I think jazz musicians are the only people left with a (reasonably) safe and steady job!And by the way – hope YOU’RE OK………….!!

Something else to tell you about! If you’ve not come across it yet, do tune in to UK Jazz Radio. Just give the name the Googles and you’ll find a bright and buzzing 24-hour presenter-led jazz station – playing all the REAL music – which is the creation of its tireless Director, Brian Soundy! All sorts of jazz – from New Orleans to contemporary are fully represented on this new Internet-based enterprise (you can also buy a ‘Dongle’  for £20.00 which transmits the Internet signal to your FM Radio)  and my fellow-presenters include Jacqui Dankworth, Dave Gelly, Frank Griffiths, Chris Walker, Tina May and many more! My own show, ‘The Best of Jazz’ (named specifically after Humph’s much-missed Radio 2 show and following its pattern)   goes out at what I fondly think of as ‘Parky-time’ (11.00-1pm, Sundays) and repeats on Tuesday mornings at drive-time (7-9am). And by the way you can also buy a blue-tooth based car radio too which allows you to pick up the station too while you’re in the car. Do take a look at the station’s website – there’s a lot to see!

And do take a look at that new datesheet too. Now you can see where I am I hope you’ll come along and say ‘hello’!!

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  1. I have just finished reading ‘On The Road With George Melly’
    and just wanted to say A great book and a great last chapter that bought a tear to the eyes of an old semi pro tenor player

    thanks again

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