Hello after all this time……….!

Well I’m sorry it’s been so long! But I lost the key to the site and my great friend (and designer) Keith Millington had to put me right!

I hope you’re all well and there are two items of BIG NEWS I wanted to pass on. The first thing is that since we were last in touch our brand-new show is planned and shortly to be launched. This time we’re touring throughout October with the legendary ‘First Lady of Soul’, P.P. Arnold! If you remember her great hits from the 1960s – ‘Angel of the Morning”First Cut is the Deepest”If you think you’re groovy’ and more – you really must come and see this fantastic lady! After years touring with a variety of acts including Roger Waters’ ‘Pink Floyd’, Dr Robert and the Blow Monkies – as well as appearing in a string of musicals including the West End production of ‘Cats’ – P.P. is back on the road again topping the bill in her own show with our great Half Dozen! Have a look at our gig-list on the site for details of all our concerts which run way ahead into Spring next year!

The other BIG news is the launch of our newest 24-hour jazz station ‘UK Jazz Radio’. Take a look at the website of this fantastic new project on Google as soon as you can. They have 24/7 presenter-led jazz shows and yours truly has a two-hour ‘Best of Jazz’ (based on the late Humphrey Lyttelton’s great show) which plays jazz from EVERY era of the music from New Orleans to Avant-Garde. The new ‘Best of Jazz’  goes out at 7pm on Saturdays with a repeat on Sundays from 11am-1pm(Parky-time!) and every day thereafter. To listen to the station just find the website and click on ‘Listen Now’. Then take a look at the ‘Presenters’ page which features all of the station’s broadcasters including Tina May, Jacqui Dankworth, Frank Griffiths, Mornington Lockett, Chris Walker and more. And the ‘Schedules’ page tells you who goes out when!

 But hang on! You don’t have a computer? Or just don’t like listening to radio through the computer (something I agree with!)? Well do have a look at Internet Radios. They’ve succeeded the less-than-successful DAB range and once you have one you can listen to all the stations you like best – from BBC on – and, of course to Internet stations from all over the world! (There’s some very good jazz ones too – but OF COURSE UK Jazz Radio’s best!!).

 UK Jazz Radio has many more exciting projects too: full jazz days in the Big Top of Gerry Cottle’s Circus; a ‘Young Jazz Musician of the Year’ competition; weekly live broadcasts from top London venues; a new nightclub the ‘Cross Kings’ once a month at Kings Cross, London; an agency for British jazz musicians – and much much more. The station’s director by the way is Brian SOUNDY – a name to remember!

So do take a look at the website or for more details drop me a line at digby@ukjazzradio.com or here at digby@digjazz.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time!


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