No, it’s not what you think! But the fact is that when the Half Dozen – and our special guest Anita Wardell – arrived at Ronnie Scott’s on the evening  of 9 October to begin our three-night season in tribute to ‘Ella and Louis’ we were told ‘sold out tonight!’. The same thing happened for four of the five shows! And on the last night – when Ronnie’s ‘turned over the house’ – there wasn’t even ‘standing room only’ for the crowds that lined the Frith Street pavements leading up to the club for the two shows.

 We had a non-stop ball every night and as soon as we’d got back home our agent PAUL RIPLEY began publicising what we think will be next year’s most exciting jazz show. ‘Ella and Louis’ is going on the road and the bookings are already coming in fast! This November Dig, Anita and the Half-Dozen’s Trio take the music to CARDIFF for a two-night season at the Parkhouse Club, and if you’d like to join us in that beautiful city just call Rhiannon on 02920 224343 or e-mail her at Rhiannon@parkhouseclub.com. There’s still some seats available. And look out for the show in the New Year coming back to one of our favourite venues;the Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford, Essex.

Meantime I’m keeping busy as ever (despite the squeeze – ouch!!) and do keep an eye on my datesheet for details of all the upcoming gigs. The highspots this month include a return for Julian Marc and I to the Birchwood Park Golf Club on 13 November (for tickets call Hugh and Marian on 0208 325 3999) ; then a very big night for the Half Dozen doing its full show at the Kenneth More Teatre Ilford on Sunday 16th and – oh yes – my annual visit with TONY COMPTON  back home to PAGLESHAM CHURCH, at Church End Paglesham (naturally!) on 21 November 2008 to raise funds for the church roof. If you’d like a ticket call Val Whittingham on 01702 258616.

I’m sure you’ll have read that JazzFM is back on the air and they’re doing an excellent job – including plugging hot tracks by JULIAN MARC STRINGLE and his wonderful Dream Band! I usually listen on the computer but you can pick up the station on DAB Radio t00. So do take a listen!

 And come and see us soon!

Cheers, and love to you all,


2 thoughts on “DIGBY SELLS OUT!”

  1. Dear Digby
    I just want to say how very much I enjoyed “Jazz goes to the movies” at ‘The Sands’ on Saturday. The ‘Half Dozen’ was at its usual best and with Val Wiseman on top form made for a very special and enjoyable evening.
    It was also a great pleasure to meet you again and have a chat.Sorry to hear that Craig has been under the weather and I send my good wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope that some day this show can be recorded, it would be so good to have it permanent on CD.
    Best Regards

  2. Hi Bruno and all my friends out there in Jazzland!

    Thanks so much for all your support in 2008. I know we’re in for a crunch but what the heck! People need music more than ever when times are hard, and I never heard of a jazz musician going out of business in a Depression – look at Bunny, Louis, Eddie and all those great men! So have a GOOD New Year – and I’m sure the financial blues will blow away soon!

    All my best,


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