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Hi Tom, Jeff and everyone out there!

Well Christmas is gone and we head for 2008 with heads and hearts high! Hope you all enjoyed the Festive Season as we did in Digby-land.

The Half-Dozen play next on the Isle of Wight for New Year’s Eve at the Melbourne Arenleigh Hotel Shanklin. Then the dates for January you can see on my datesheet on the website (just Google in and you’ll find the whole thing up and running!)

Our last gig before Christmas was with Paul Jones, Shakin’ Stevens (riding high at no.23), Jim Diamond, Val Wiseman and a whole heap of other stars at Cranleigh Arts Centre for Paul’s annual Christmas charity concert. We stretched our rock-n-roll legs and were rewarded with a full house until midnight. Then made for home, getting in around 3.30; presumably beating Santa by a couple of yards.

Happy New Year to all, and don’t forget my ‘New Year’s’ show on theJazz;3-5pm on Sunday 30th. Look forward to talking!



2 thoughts on “New from Dig”

  1. Congratulations to you Digby & Keith Millington on your excellent website. I have already enjoyed looking through your pictures and will bookmark the website to come back for more.
    Best wishes for 2008 from Rick on behalf of Zoltans Films

  2. Hi there Rick,

    Thanks for your kind words regarding the website.

    We’ve had in the region of 371 hits since we launched the site a couple of weeks ago; with visitors from Canada, Alaska, USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, India and Australia. One plan we have for the future is to make some of Digby’s rare recordings, from his enormous back catalogue of vinyl, available in digital format for download – and there will be a few freebies.

    I enjoyed browsing your Zoltan Films site at ( Are you the dead ringer for Groucho Marx in the Rent Party photo? Now that was a good band!!

    Kind regards,

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